Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bike Shuttle?

We take your bike 'as is' to your event. There is NO need to disassemble your bike. The benefits are endless! No boxing your bike, putting it in a cab, or worse having to hire a BIGGER car so the bike will fit, dragging it through the airport, putting it back in a cab and reassembling it the day before the race. Once the race is over, you would then need to do it ALL over again to get it home! All you have to do is deliver your bike to the predetermined drop spot. From there it will be placed on the purpose built trailer* and shuttled to another predetermined drop spot, arriving at least the day before your event. You collect the bike, then compete, then drop it off to at the same spot after the event. It will then be placed back on the shuttle and taken back to the original drop spot. The pick up day varies slightly depending on travel time back to Sydney. It must be collected on a specified day.

What is the cost?

We also transport a 5kg bag for you to the event. All equipment must be in ONE bag and clearly labelled with your name. It can contain things such as your helmet, pump, cycling gear etc. More gear can be transported for a small additional cost.

How secure is my bike?

The bikes are stored/transported in a purpose built trailer* surrounded by a 1m high fence. At night the trailer is locked to the car and a wheel lock is placed on the trailer. The trailer is also fully covered with insurance.

Can I leave my pump, lights, trip computer etc attached to my bike?

Please remove things such as these for transport. You may put them in your bag for us to take to the destination. Please note that we do not take responsibility for lost pumps, lights, trip

What about wet weather?

Once your bikes are loaded onto the trailer they are sheltered by a water proof vinyl cover. The cover is secured to trailer via elastic cables and zippers. The base of the trailer is solid and no water can access the trailer from the ground up.

What type of bikes do you transport?

We transport road, triathlon and mountain bikes. The trailer and racking system was specifically built to transport all styles of bikes, bar tandems!

Will my bike get scratched?

The custom built racking system is ingenious (if I don't mind saying so). The bikes are kept in place via poles which are surrounded by foam padding, these poles align with the front and rear of the bike. These provide a buffer between the bikes and small 'occy' straps are also used to make sure the bike does not move.* This will also be used to carry your 5kg bag. When transporting bikes in the van each bike is secured in a way which allows bikes to be kept separate.

How long have you been in business?

I have been in the biking business since 2009. It all started with mtnbike, taking MTB trips to Canberra. A trailer was specifically built to transport bikes from Sydney to Canberra. Since then business has expanded to twowheeltours, offering overseas trips for road and mtnbikers, and more recently the birth of bikeshuttle.

How many bikes can fit on the trailer?

This varies slightly depending on the event. On average our trailer can fit 20 bikes. See above 'Will my bike get scratched' for when/if we have an overflow. 

Payment & how do I make sure that my bike is part of the shuttle?

Once the shuttle is full it will be marked on the website. The front page also lists how many spots are still available and this is amended regularly. The only way to secure your spot is first to book then make a $100 (non-refundable) deposit. This can be made through Pay Pal or direct deposit. The remainder will be paid when dropping the bike off.

What happens if I cannot drop/collect the bike at the specified times?

You may send someone with your bike to the drop spot. We do take your bike VERY seriously! We will discuss who is to collect your bike and full details will be collected about that person. Identification is required to collect the bike and other gear.

Do you 'Sag/Support Wagon'?

We do offer this service for different events. If you are interested in such a service please contact me via email. We have Sagged/Supported at events such as Tour de Cure and at the Highland Fling. 

Fine Print/Cancellation

bikeshuttle reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time for any reason if there are too few participants, or if the trip quality or safety are in question. This includes reasons such as weather, terrorism and personal or medical emergencies. In the case of such cancellation, a refund shall constitute full settlement. bikeshuttle will take all reasonable efforts to get to the nominated events, and return, as per the stated itinerary. As is the case with long distance transportation, roads may become closed due to weather, accidents or road maintenance and this may affect arrival times. 


As the service has become so popular as of late, we are also run a large van to carry more bikes. If your bike is in the van, the front wheel comes off and the bike is placed in a secure box.


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